Caledonia: The Story Begins

Scotland is a complex nation.  It is beautiful, raw, cold, rainy, windy, sunny, heather-strewn, roaring waterfalls, fleecy sheep, brilliant wild flowers, craggy mountains, islands, monasteries, ruins, castles, ferries, whiskey, tartans, clans, loyalty, betrayal, family-all with a strong streak of independent minded (read stubborn) people, who are kind, caring, and resolute.

My first novel in the Caledonia series has been published and is available at, Barnes&, and  It is the story of Scotland told from the viewpoint of the Clan MacDonald of Clanranald of the Isle of Skye.  Come join the fight for Scotland and Bonnie Prince Charles!  Caledonia: A Song of Scotland explains the Rising of 1745 and its climactic battle of Culloden on April 16, 1746.  Thereafter, William Augustus, the Duke of Cumberland and King George II’s favorite son begins his pogrom against the Highland clans which leads to thousands of Scots either dying or emigrating from Scotland.

The second novel in this series, being written now, is entitled New Caledonia: A Song of America, and tells the story of the Scots settling in North and South Carolina in the 1750’s, fighting in the French and Indian War, and finally fighting in the American Revolution.  I will let you in on a secret: the American Revolution was fought and won in South Carolina!

From there, the story of Scots in America will unfold in further novels in the series.

I hope you will join the journey of the Scots as they fight for freedom and liberty.





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